Welcome to the GPC Alumni Annual Fund!  

Hello!  Welcome to the GPC Alumni Association!  We have of phased out our $25 annual dues to an Annual Fund model.  This will allow your dollars to go farther when supporting the college, so that we can build the best future possible for GPC.  

What is an Annual Fund? 

Annual Funds and Annual Fund Campaigns are the building blocks of philanthropic giving at any nonprofit organization.  They are gifts given on an annual basis, are renewable, and come from individuals.  Any gift made to GPC by an alum, faculty, staff, student, friend, parent, or community member is an annual fund gift.  Odds are, if you've given to GPC before, then your gift was an Annual Fund gift!  

Why are we doing away with membership dues? 

There are several reasons:

  1. Your dollars go farther when donating to the Annual Fund. When you donate to the Annual Fund, every cent of your gift goes to support the college in the area you choose.  When you pay dues towards a membership based organization, it usually is not considered a donation by most 501c3 nonprofits, because a portion of those membership dues are in exchange for benefits.  Because all of your money goes to the program you choose to support, your dollars have a greater impact on the future successes of GPC students.
  2. When you donate to the Annual Fund, you make your degree more valuable.  Did you know ranking services such as U.S. News and World Report take into consideration the amount of alumni who donate to their alma mater?  The more alumni that give to GPC, the better the potential ranking will be--no matter what the amount is. 
  3. As you may have already heard, Georgia Perimeter College and Georgia State University are consolidating into one institution.  We aren't yet sure what the future may hold, but we want to give it the biggest impact we can.  We believe we can better ensure the future of the institution by focusing on the Annual Fund. 

What about my membership benefits? 

Your membership and membership benefits are valid one year from the date you joined the GPC Alumni Association.  We are sorry to inform you that your Annual Fund gift does not entitle you to any of our previous membership benefits.  Your gift, however, is 100% tax deductable.  

To better steward our donors, we have developed our new Giving Societies.  if you would like to become a member of any of our Giving Societies, please contact the Office of Stewardship for more information. 

Where does my Annual Fund gift go? 

You may designate your Annual Fund gift to whichever college program or scholarship fund you like! Previously, your membership dues went only to the GPCAA Fund, unless otherwise noted.  The GPCAA Fund supports several programs and areas of the college, but now you can show your loyalty and make a greater impact on the area of the college you desire.  Want to donate, but not sure where to designate your gift?  These are the programs we are focusing on raising money for this year:

  • 50th Anniversary Endowed Scholarship Fund- This is a brand new fundrasing opportunity.  In honor of the 50th Anniversary of the college, we are creating a scholarship to carry on the DeKalb College/DeKalb Community College/Georgia Perimeter College legacy.  This scholarship will continue to be scholarship for students who attendthe 2-year component of the new Georgia State University.  Click here for more information.
  • Fine Arts- GPC has a long standing tradition of producing wonderful plays and concerts, as well as providing stunning visual art displays.  The DeKalb Symphony Orchestra was even one of the very first student organizations on campus, performing their first concert on the college's dedication day on May 23, 1965.  Click here for more information on how you can make sure GPC continues to have wonderful Fine Arts programs.
  • GPC Botanical Gardens- Along with celebrating the 50th Anniversary this year, the GPC Botanical Gardens on the Decatur Campus is celebrating its 25th Anniversary in Apriil 2015.  For 25 years, the Botanical Gardens have educated GPC students and the community on native Georgia plants and ferns of the world.  Click here for more information on visiting the Botanical Gardens and donate today.
  • Of course, you can always feel free to donate to the GPC General Fund, the GPC General Scholarship Fund of the GPC Alumni Association Scholarship Fund.




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